Enclosure 2.5 USB3 Agestar

Enclosure 2.5 USB3 Agestar
Enclosure 2.5 USB3 Agestar
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Enclosure 2.5 USB3 Agestar

USB 3.0 has the standard of downward capatiable USB 2.0 and USB1.1,and it possess the function of tradition USB technology.The purpose of USB 3.0 technology is push-off the products which are ten times fater than USB2.0,at the same time,the architeture are same as the USB wired.As well as the optimize on the lower energy and faster tranfer rate,the port and the cable of USB3.0 is easy to downward compatiable and suitable for the optic fiber tranmission.

AGESTAR 3UBCP1 is the product which created in this background.It bulit-in the newest USB 3.0 technology,and totally satisfied all demandment with people in all ranks,at the same time,the fashionable appearance also can give you the different experience in using.

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